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Husbandry Services

Full Service for any of your vessel which is calling our area:

  • We are handling Crew Changes (Embarkation, Disembarkation, Hotel Booking & Repatriation) to join vessels at any of the Egyptian ports safely and at the economic cost.

  • Cash to Master

  • Parcels custom clearance:-
  • For all modes of shipment (Air, Sea, Land, courier), we provide clearing and forwarding services and handling of ships stores in transit, including customs clearance, storage, transport and delivery to your vessels in any Egyptian ports. Hand carry service of urgent spares to other countries in the region is also available. We provide storage services for any of your warranty and emergency spares as well

  • Spare Parts consignment: -
  • We make the most use of our strategic location in the middle of trade shipping route (Suez Canal) to present our clients with an outstanding service, holding their spare parts consignment in our tax-free warehouses to be delivered or distributed among their vessels frequently calling our ports
  • These spare parts consignments are accessible, traceable and inventory controlled via login our website.

  • Medical assistance

Golden Ocean Marine Services

Head Office: 18 Safeya Zaghloul & El-Gish St, Port Said, Egypt

+20 66 333 6461

+20 66 332 2161


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